Enneagram Assessment




Take the best and most effective personality assessment I have found in 25 years of doing this work! I am so passionate about this. When you purchase, you’ll receive a test link from ieQ9, my certifying agency. PLEASE set aside 45 uninterrupted minutes, we do not want to get an inconsistent or faulty test back and the test is designed to flag these things. Absolutely no multi-tasking during your assessment. Once I have your results, I’ll reach out to set up time with you to begin your in depth and rewarding journey to increase self-access and awareness. If you are curious about what Enneagram is, please see my newsletter here.

Who is this for?

Clients who are ready for next level self-access and the work and rewards associated with it.

Clients who have teams and need a solid tool for understanding the personalities involved at depth.


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