Mandy Barton

Entrepreneur, Author, Coach, Certified Enneagram Practitioner


What is Enneagram?

For me, Enneagram is a map of self-awareness. It enables me to facilitate my client’s ability to get themselves into a more resourceful state. It gives several lenses to look at the same thing with.

It illuminates the strengths and the limitations of our inner habits of attention and response.

It’s a symbol of human purpose and possibility. Yours and mine.

We work with Enneagram to unbox ourselves, not to box ourselves in to a certain set of character traits.

My personal journey has been one toward liberation from the limitations of my personality, my ego – the mask I show the world.

Our enneagram type is simply a strategy we adopted to engage with the world safely. It’s not who we are.

I’m a credible coach for my clients because I am still walking my own journey, not because I have it all figured out. Access to my Enneagram has enhanced of the quality of that journey. Do you have a comprehensive, accurate self-assessment tool?

The ieQ9 test is hands down the best one I have found. I am still using my initial report, now 6 years after I first discovered it, because there is always another layer.

Beware of the free tests on the internet, I made that mistake with my own team at my primary business -the mistypes were incredibly high.

The ieQ9 test is an accurate tool that keeps on giving, for years, it’s one of the best self-development investments I have ever made in myself, and in my team.

If this calls you, you are invited to take our test for your type. You’ll need 45 uninterrupted minutes – no multi-tasking! After you’ve had a chance to absorb your report, I’m excited to jump on a zoom with you and dig into YOUR map of self-awareness and YOUR journey to liberation, to a life of your highest excitement.

Best wishes for an abundant 2023,





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