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It’s time to take yourself on!

Mandy believes that dreams are demonstrated by attainment and she’ll teach you what it takes to finally create the life you’re thrilled to wake up to–the life you really want.

Cut the crap already and start creating the life you REALLY want.

Whether you’re a success story looking for your next big thing, a person who is tired of living a mediocre life, or someone who doesn’t even have a dream, here is where your wheels stop spinning. This book will get you unstuck and into action. Now is the time to jump and build your wings on the way down. But who says you’re going to hit the ground? With Step One: Jump!—you’ll soar.

In this book you’ll learn how to…

Exercise your dream muscle
Keep what’s important to you on the front burner of life
Finally find the time for it all
Systematize and keep dreaming
Say, “F you, resistance!” and mean it
Eliminate your negative self talk



Take Yourself On™ Coaching

Are you ready to take yourself to the next level in your career and your life? Start with one of these courses and Mandy will help you get there.
Personalized Skype calls designed to take you to the next level
Webcast focusing on how to make your money work for you
Increasing the Good 2
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Mandy Barton found her purpose, to increase the good of life around her. That’s it. One simple premise, one strong principle that has sprouted an empire built to better yourself, better others and in turn better the world around you. That’s what Mandy Barton believes in. From the moment she decided to leave her job to start her first business from her parents’ kitchen table, she’s been unstoppable. That was in 1997 when she founded Barton Logistics, the first of five, Mandy Barton-founded companies.          Read More

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Mandy Barton

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